An Evening about SEX? I must COME.

Come to an evening or 2 all about SEX and where our families & educational system may have failed us. Melody (C*cktease) along with her co-host Kathryn (Fat Tits) will be your Substitute SexEd Teachers and will be sharing with you their own personal journeys and introductions to all things Reproductive. A night of vulnerability & taboo topics through music, story-telling and comedy! Get ready to take away all the condoms, lube, and pussy pops you can handle! Immediately following the show will be a “Racket Drive” (donation drive) for feminine products, which we will be distributing to Manhattan Shelters.
All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood & RAINN.
Beer & Wine will also be available for purchase.
Shows are Dec 6 (Thurs) & Dec 7 (Fri) both @ 8p
The Artist Co Op
Run Time: 60 min